Migrating MS SQL Databases, Beginning March 23

March 20th, 2009

We haven’t yet migrated accounts that use MS SQL databases. We’ve been working to optimize the process of moving them to EasyCGI’s hosting architecture, and beginning Monday, March 23, we’ll begin migrating accounts with MS SQL databases. Be sure to check your Transition Kiosk — Resellers, be sure to check your Reseller Console — for the most up-to-date information about the migration of your account(s).

Post Migration: Uploading Files via FTP and FrontPage - Updated

March 13th, 2009

Once your account has been migrated to EasyCGI’s architecture, you will need to use the following settings when uploading files via FTP:

Server/Host: ftp.yourdomain.com
Username: Your control panel username
Password: Your control panel password

FrontPage Settings: Publish to http://www.yourdomain.com.

Important Update: Migrated Windows  Microsoft Frontpage users need to use a slightly modified username to publish via FrontPage.  Please visit the EasyCGI FronPage console or the YourWebHosting FrontPage console for specific instructions on connecting via FrontPage on the new platform.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the EasyCGI hosting architecture handles login information in a slightly different way from the Webstrike architecture. For accounts hosted on EasyCGI (single account holders), your control panel username should have been included in your migration confirmation e-mail (”Your Account Has Been Migrated to EasyCGI”). For resellers, log into your Reseller Console to see the usernames of all of your accounts.

Please note that EasyCGI’s architecture minimizes the risk of data loss and service interruptions by supporting your site and e-mail through a pool of servers. Since your account is not tied to a specific machine, you cannot use an IP address to upload files; use your domain name instead.

In fact, *any* script or Web file that refers to a Web IP address will not work on the new platform. Please change it to yourdomain.com. If you have any FTP links in your code, change them to HTTP links: http://www.yourdomain.com.

If you reference an IP address not hosted by EasyCGI, that reference should continue to work on EasyCGI’s architecture. Please keep in mind, of course, that we have no control over servers we don’t host. We recommend paying special attention to any part of your site hosted by someone other than EasyCGI.

FTP Subusers: As security precaution, your FTP subusers are disabled by default. To enable your FTP subuser accounts, visit the FTP Management tool in your new EasyCGI control panel.

No Scheduled Migrations Over the Weekend

March 12th, 2009

We’ve been having some issues with our upstream bandwidth provider, which causes some of the slowness or access issues you might have had with our Control Panel yesterday (Thursday, March 12th).

To work around the problem, we’re making some networking changes to help mitigate the issue, and keep it from happening again.

However, given the timing, we figured it would make sense to suspend migration attempts over the weekend and move them into next week. If you had a migration scheduled for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, check your Transition Kiosk for your updated Migration Date. (If you scheduled your date your self, don’t worry, we’ll try to migrate you on that date.)

A Quick Tutorial On Life Post-Migration

March 11th, 2009

We hope you’ll find the below tutorial helpful on managing your account after it has been migrated to the new hosting architecture. This is a fairly general overview, and some of the details it provides may not apply to your specific account setup, but it should be useful in learning how to manage your account once you have migrated.

Managing Your Account At EasyCGI

Post Migration: Make Sure Your Domains Are Pointing to Your Site

March 9th, 2009

After your account has been migrated to EasyCGI, if your domain(s) use DNS services provided by another company, please instruct your domain registrar to change the name servers for your domain(s) to ns1.easycgi.com and ns2.easycgi.com.

Resellers: point your clients’ domains to ns1.yourwebhosting.com and ns2.yourwebhosting.com.

Many registrars offer online tools that allow you to update your name server information. For information about contacting your registrar, visit the EasyCGI Knowledgebase.

If you did not purchase your domain from Webstrike, it is critical that you update your DNS. If your domain is pointing to the wrong name servers, your visitors will be looking at an outdated version of your site. Eventually, the old Webstrike architecture will be taken offline, and if your domain(s) still point there when that happens, your visitors will not be able to access your Web site.

If you need to manage your DNS directly, you will need to change the zonefile at your name server to point to your new IPs:

  • If you are using Webstrike/EasyCGI to serve your Web site, please contact us and ask for your IP address. Or, you can use the Custom DNS tool from inside your Control Panel, which will give you your A and MX records.
  • If you are using Webstrike/EasyCGI for mail, we recommend setting up MX entries resolving to mx.yourdomain.com, and then entering three A name entries for mx.domain.com, pointing to, and

(Most customers do not manage their DNS directly, and do not need to point to specific IP addresses. Simply point your DNS to ns1.easycgi.com and ns2.easycgi.com, or if you’re a reseller, to ns1.yourwebhosting.com and ns2.yourwebhosting.com)

Registering New Domains / Temporary URLs

March 8th, 2009

When you register a domain via EasyCGI’s Web site, it will be registered through OpenSRS, our registrar partner. You can manage all aspects of these domains via DomainCentral, the domain management interface in your EasyCGI control panel. (Resellers: To access DomainCentral for your accounts, log into your Reseller Console, and then log into the control panel for that account.)

New domains will automatically be enrolled in our Automated Domain Renewal Service (ADRS). 15 days before your domain is scheduled to expire, we will attempt to renew it for you automatically, charging the credit card we have on file for your account, so you don’t lose your domain name. You can opt out of ADRS at any time via DomainCentral.

Should your domain name expire, your “temporary” URL on the EasyCGI hosting architecture is http://username.easycgi.com for single-account holders hosted on EasyCGI and http://username.yourwebhosting.com for reseller sites hosted on YourWebHosting, where “username” is your control panel login username. (http://yourserver.nshosts.com/~domain will not work as a temporary URL once your account has been migrated.)

Post Migration: Important Information and Changes

March 8th, 2009

We have begun the process of migrating customer accounts to EasyCGI’s architecture. If you host one account with us, you can log into your Transition Kiosk to see when your account is tentatively scheduled to be migrated. If you are a reseller (if you host more than one account with us), you can log into your Reseller Console to see the tentative migration dates of your accounts.

You may have noticed that we’ve added quite a few “Post Migration” posts; these posts contain information about the new hosting architecture — what’s different and what’s now available. We’re categorizing them all as “Important Changes,” so you can see them all in one place:

We’ll continue to add information to this site throughout the migration, and we encourage you to subscribe to receive updates.

Post Migration: Search Engine Submissions

March 8th, 2009

Once your account has been migrated to EasyCGI’s hosting architecture, you will have access to a new search engine submission tool, called SubmitNet. This new, free product replaces the previous search engine submission product that Webstrike had formerly offered.

Activate SubmitNet for your account — there is no cost for the site submission functionality.

Post Migration: Secure URLs

March 8th, 2009

On EasyCGI’s hosting architecture, the secure URL (https connections via EasyCGI’s shared SSL certificate) is https://username.easycgi.com for single-account holders hosted on EasyCGI and https://username.yourwebhosting.com for reseller sites hosted on YourWebHosting, where “username” is your control panel login username.

If you link to your secure site, we will attempt to adjust that link for you during the migration process, though we encourage you to review your links to make sure they work the way you’ve come to expect.

Please note: If you have purchased an SSL certificate for your domain, you will not need to rely on our shared SSL certificate, and you can continue to link to https://yourdomain.com. The IP address associated with your SSL certificate will change; we will update references in your code to your IP address during the migration process.

For more information about getting an SSL certificate for your domain, visit EasyCGI.com.

Post Migration: Database Management & Support (SQL Server 2005 and MySQL 5)

March 8th, 2009

EasyCGI’s architecture does not support MySQL 4 or SQL Server 2000. All MySQL databases run on MySQL 5; all MS SQL databases run on SQL Server 2005.

If you believe your current application requires an older version of either SQL Server or MySQL, please contact us and we can try to help you find a way to upgrade your application to support the newer technology.

DSN-based Database Connections
For security reasons, system Data Source Names (DSNs) are not supported on the new platform. For any of your scripts or pages that connect to a database via a system DSN, whether Access or MS SQL, we have replaced the system DSN with a direct connection string instead. Still, we recommend testing your database connections to make sure your scripts are working properly.

Direct connection strings are more secure and offer better scalable performance. Please use direct connection strings instead of system DSNs in the future.

Note about ColdFusion Dynamic DSNs: ColdFusion Dynamic DSNs will continue to be supported on the new platform. (These are not the same as the system DSNs indicated above.)

Remote Access to Databases
EasyCGI’s hosting architecture does not support remote access to databases (neither MySQL nor MS SQL). For security reasons, our servers can only be accessed remotely via Web ports, and our database servers only communicate with other internal servers. To access databases, we have recent versions of phpMyAdmin (MySQL) and MyLittleAdmin (MS SQL) available via the EasyCGI control panel.